Wild Forest Foundation

The Wild Forest Foun­da­tion is a not-for-profit envi­ron­mental organ­i­sa­tion based in the cap­ital of the German state of North-Rhine West­falia, Düs­sel­dorf. It is an inde­pen­dent foun­da­tion under civil law oper­ating under the name

Wild Forest Foundation

The shared aim of its founders is to pre­serve a viable nat­ural envi­ron­ment for our chil­dren to inherit. Our par­tic­ular goal is to pro­tect the rain­forests of our planet and the people and ani­mals for whom they pro­vide a home.

Our work in Sri Lanka has revealed a need for respon­sible action and a rapid response. The war in large parts of Sri Lanka has led to the com­plete destruc­tion of many people’s liveli­hoods. In many cases, the local people have been forced to destroy forests and their nat­ural envi­ron­ment simply in order to sur­vive. It was for this reason that we decided some­thing had to be done and so we set up the Wild Forest Foun­da­tion. Now you too can help, either by making a dona­tion or becoming a sponsor, and sup­port us with our work on the ground. Your dona­tions go directly towards our projects and ben­efit the people of Sri Lanka. And as trans­parency is very impor­tant to the Wild Forest Foun­da­tion, you are wel­come to come and see our sus­tain­able projects in action. You may also like to know that the Wild Forest Foun­da­tion acts in full com­pli­ance with planet-friendly ideals. We pre­serve the nat­ural envi­ron­ment in all its diver­sity – and safe­guard it for future generations.

In a true spirit of sus­tain­ability, we are not only involved in pro­tecting the envi­ron­ment but also in helping local people to safe­guard their liveli­hood. Our tire­less com­mit­ment to these aims has enabled us, for example, to gain the sup­port of hunters and poachers – who would until now have made a living by hunting rare and threat­ened ani­mals – and make them aware of what we are trying to achieve. Today, they too sup­port the aims and objec­tives of the Wild Forest Foun­da­tion and, in their new role as game­keepers and rangers, they now have a secure liveli­hood. This is also thanks to you. In return, they work to pro­tect this unique and fas­ci­nating nat­ural envi­ron­ment and its remark­able species diver­sity. What’s more, as ambas­sadors of the Wild Forest ‘phi­los­ophy’ they take the ideas and aims of the foun­da­tion out into the wider pop­u­la­tion – which means the move­ment is con­tin­uing to grow.

You can help us through giving a dona­tion or taking out spon­sor­ship, safe in the knowl­edge that your money will be going directly towards our project in Muthiyankadu (Sri Lanka). Becoming a sponsor or making a cash dona­tion is an effec­tive way for people who share our con­cern about these issues to make a con­tri­bu­tion and be respon­sible for saving one, or indeed many, square metres of rain forest for one year. For as little as 9,99 euros you can help save the rain forests of Sri Lanka by planting a tree and in return for your com­mit­ment you will receive one of four dif­ferent seals – depending on the size of that com­mit­ment – for unlim­ited use in your PR communications.